Patrick Coetzer

From Circle Of The Crone

Player - Robin Cannon

Name - Patrick Coetzer

Clan - Gangrel (Status 2 - Relatively well known on a local level, but otherwise doesn't heavily involve himself in clan issues)

Age - He was kindred by the time of the Boer War (1899-1902), and it seems unlikely that he predates the 19th century.

Location - Semi-nomadic. Currently resides in Southwark, England

Specialties - Hunting, African and Native American Mythology

Brief history - Patrick is a relatively taciturn Gangrel. Of Afrikaan origin he seems to have spent most of his adult life in Ghana, where he had close links with the Ashanti. Often disdainful of "primitive cultures" he nevertheless has a deep knowledge of African mythology, and has a similar knowledge of Native American myths following extensive travels in the United States in the first half of the 20th century.

Both his sire and "blood" brother have died in the past year, and Patrick has not discussed any other family links.

He has resided in Southwark for about 15 years, and currently claims ownership of the Bromley Woods area of that domain. He still travels widely though and is often absent, and is more likely to refer to Africa as "home" than Southwark.

Philosophy - Patrick can be an outspoken critic of other Circle members if he believes their actions are immoral (according to his code), or bring the Circle into danger. He is not shy about making these criticisms, but is clear that any argument will stay within the covenant, and does not react well to suggestions otherwise. He is certainly more free with what he believes is wrong than his own beliefs in what is "right".

Patrick has been criticised for sitting out certain Crone rituals. He believes strongly in the importance of valuing that which is sacrificed, and that power does not simply come from spilling blood. He considers that human sacrifice is often abused within the Circle.

It is not a great secret within the Circle that Patrick's outspoken beliefs have caused him to clash with certain senior members of the covenant within the UK.

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